About me:

My Favorite Things:

Jesus Christ, My Bestfriend, Video Games, Astronomy, Weather, Radios

Favorite Games:

DOOM (I perfer old DooM than new) Vintage stuff, Old Star Wars Games such as Jedi Knight (Academy, Outcast, Dark Forces) Star Wars Battlefront I and II.

Why Jedi Academy is RAD

1. Rosh Penin ("I'm a great Jedi!") Many say Rosh sucks but I completely disagree. From such classic quotes as "SURE THING KYLE" and "YOU DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE" and him not begging to kill you after him bragging at the training course, setting a training droid at you to slow you down (Putting you in danger and almost killing you) and turning to the Dark Side trying to kill you as a newly trained Sith Cult member, you gotta love him.
2. Amazing Lightsaber mechanics